Wall of Fame

What is the Wall of Fame?

The Nova Scotia Christmas Tree Wall of Fame is the standard the industry wishes to acknowledge outstanding participation and performance by that sector within our own community who has excelled in making a notable contribution to the industry and its members.

How does someone become part of the Wall of Fame?

Contributions for consideration such as volunteer efforts to sustain or improve the industry, developments of technologies, training, markets. Working to improve the industry for the future. Responsible for expanding industry knowledge or has an inter-generational commitment to the betterment of the industry.

What do the present members of the Nova Scotia Christmas Tree Wall of Fame mean to our industry?

The present members of the Wall of Fame have set a standard of commitment to our industry. Whether they contributed to its guidance or influenced a change in direction, they have been awarded their position at the Wall of Fame from their industry peers.

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Talbot (Junior) Trenholm

Inducted June 5th, 2024

Screenshot 2024-07-03 103333

Robin (Rob) Henigar

Inducted June 7th, 2023

Mike & Dianne Falkenham

Inducted October 3, 2009

Les & Betty Corkum

Inducted July 24, 2002

Ken & Joan Hughes

Inducted 2003

Merle Taylor

Inducted August 20, 2004

G. Thomas C. Ernst

Inducted 2005

Bruce R. McKean

Inducted July 28, 2004

Myles MacPherson

Inducted September 21, 2012

The Sanders Family

Inducted September 2005

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