Wall of Fame Inductee

Talbot Junior Trenholm

Talbot Junior Trenholm, was inducted into the Christmas Tree Wall of Fame on June 5th 2024. 

A trailblazer in the Christmas Tree industry since the 1970’s and was revered for his roles as grower, grader, baler, sprayer, and innovator. Playing a pivotal role in industry evolution by being one of the first to attend the Atlantic Canada Grading Course through Maritime Lumber Bureau at UNB. Junior was known for developing new and efficient techniques to “get the job done” and rapidly became a highly respected individual among Christmas Tree growers across Eastern Nova Scotia. Working and planning with some of the founding members the Northeastern Christmas Tree Association (NECTA), he became the main grader for the association for nearly 35 years. In the late 1970’s Jr. found what he called “the perfect property” in Caledonia Mills, 70 acres of Balsam Fir Christmas Trees, and began lovingly developing the farm. Despite the industry’s challenges, Junior persevered, dedicating 30 acres to Christmas Trees and transitioning the rest to blueberry cultivation.  Although he passed away in April 2014, his legacy thrives. His family farm, “Junior’s Dream Christmas Trees and Blueberries” stands as a testament to his vision. Junior’s influence in the industry as a pioneer is still felt today, cementing his status as a legend and household name among growers. 

“For his love of his family, land and sea” 

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