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Do you love real trees? Whether you’re looking for information on the benefits of real trees, tips on choosing a tree, where to find your real tree or advice on caring for your selected tree, you’re in the right place!

The Lunchbreak Sessions

Our Research Team, Guests and CTCNS staff dive into topics from research to business and all in-between. Each topic is requested by or holds an interest to Christmas tree producers, and is shared here for later viewing!


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The Latest Updates

Balsam Needle Rust Guide

Thank you to CTCNS’ Acting Christmas Tree Specialist, Lienna Hoeg, who has created a guide for Balsam Needle Rust. Balsam Fir Needle Rust Guide Shearing

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Meet the Team

Brittany Frenette
General Manager

Lienna Hoeg
Christmas Tree Specialist- Perennia

Andee Weatherby

Climate Change Resource Manager

Fraser Macnab

Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator

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