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Meet the Team!
Comprised of a variety of backgrounds, our Team is full of knowledge, experience, and ambition to help Christmas tree producers thrive in business, boost the fertility of their trees, and become involved in a community of like-minded professionals around Nova Scotia. Our current Research Team 2021, has Jay, Lienna, and Gillian who are all available discuss tree health, pests, weeds, fertility, new entrant interest, our research projects, business, marketing, resources, networking, and much more! Feel free to reach out!

Brittany Frenette

Outreach Manager 
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Brittany Frenette works within the Outreach section of the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia. From event planning to coordinating the quarterly Nova Scotia Christmas Tree Journal, she has many roles in managing the team and our outreach strategies.

Brittany is the Outreach Manager and has been with the Council since December 2017. Coming to CTCNS with a background in Health & Human Services, she has spent many years working in Program Development and Management and truly has gained a passion for working within this growing and engaged industry. It truly is great to be a part of the Christmas Tree Community.

Angus Bonnyman, CPA, CA, ICD.D

Executive Director, Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia 
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Angus Bonnyman hails from Tatamagouche and is a third generation wild blueberry grower and the Executive Director of the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia. Angus is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Acadia University. He earned his ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors through the Rotman School of Business in 2018. He has been an Employer Representative on the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia and chairs its Finance, Audit and Risk Committee; has served as Treasurer of The Marguerite Centre, Nova Scotia’s only recovery house for women recovering from addictions and abuse; and served as Treasurer of the Public Accountants’ Board of Nova Scotia for six years.

Jay Woodworth, MSc (Agri), P.Ag

Perennia Christmas Tree Specialist 
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Jay Woodworth works with Christmas Tree growers and their associations to support the growth and sustainability of the Christmas Tree industry, through the development and delivery of technical resources and in-field services. Jay specializes in environmental management, with a soil science background, which translates into a comprehensive approach to lot management.

Jay has an undergraduate honors degree (University Metal) in Integrated Environmental Management and a Master’s degree in Soil Science from Dalhousie’s Faculty of Agriculture. Before her work with the Christmas Tree growers, Jay worked as an Environmental Farm Planner and an Agri-Environmental Agrologist, supporting all commodities across the agricultural sector. Jay also has an extensive background in field research and has worked on projects scoping sub-surface drainage and irrigation, in-vitro rumination, forage and oilseeds trials, through to N cycling in soil environments. Her MSc work focused on developing thresholds of environmental trigger events that result in pulses of N2O emissions from agricultural soils. Jay’s research has earned her a variety of scholarships and awards and has allowed her to present findings on an international scale.

Jay’s role at Perennia is supported by the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia and the Building Tomorrow fund. Jay is responsible for managing the Research and Development Program, advancement and delivery of the Quality Standards Program, support of the Operational Efficiencies Audit, the expansion of Best Management Practices and maintenance of associated resources, as well as leveraging technical capacity through the on-going delivery of educational materials, workshops, courses, presentations, and one-on-one grower support.

Lienna Hoeg, A. Ag

Research Technician
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Lienna Hoeg is the Research Technician with the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia. She works with the members of the Research Team to establish, maintain, and collect data on various research sites throughout the province. Lienna provides in-field services for Christmas Tree growers and helps develop resources. Lienna specializes in vegetation management and routinely presents on integrated pest management practices to Christmas tree growers.

Lienna obtained a Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2019. She is now a MSc in Agriculture Candidate, with a focus on Vegetation Management from Dalhousie University. Her project focuses on the development of phenological models and management strategies for narrow leaf golden rod in lowbush blueberry fields. Previous to working with the Christmas Tree Council, Lienna has worked as a Silviculture Assistant and Forest Resource Worker. She has also held numerous positions as a Research Assistant, working with vegetation management, aphid research, and native pollinator research. In 2021, she obtained her Articling Agrologist designation as well as a Certificate in Nutrient Management Planning. Lienna also holds a Pesticide Applicators License and Good Agriculture Collection Practices Certificate.

Gillian Blackburn

Resource Assistant
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This is Gillian Blackburn, the Resource Assistant with the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia. Gillian is a candidate of a Bachelor in Business Management and a Major in Sustainability from Dalhousie University. Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, she has always loved any aspect agriculture and within the past year, has fallen in love with the Christmas tree industry. Gillian’s professional background involves marketing, event coordination, leading for 4-H youth, resource development, and multiple sustainable community development projects in Halifax Regional Municipality.  In her time spent with CTCNS, she has helped develop,,, and The Christmas Tree Forum with resources for producers and consumers. She’s worked in-field with multiple research projects, published the podcast Real Trees, Real Talk – Why Nova Scotia Love Real Christmas Trees, aided in developing the social media pages and collaboration between organization for further promotion of the industry, and working with educational pieces for growers such as videos, the Lunchbreak Series, factsheets, and the Certificate in Christmas Tree Grading course. 

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