The CTCNS Team

Meet the Team!

Comprised of a variety of backgrounds, our Team is full of knowledge, experience, and ambition to help Christmas tree producers thrive in business, boost the fertility of their trees, and become involved in a community of like-minded professionals around Nova Scotia.

Our current Research Team, is available to discuss tree health, pests, weeds, fertility, new entrant interest, our research projects, business, marketing, resources, networking, and much more!

Feel free to reach out!

Brittany Frenette

Outreach Manager 
[email protected]

Brittany Frenette works within the Management and Outreach section of the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia. From event planning to coordinating the quarterly Nova Scotia Christmas Tree Journal, she has many roles in managing the team and our outreach strategies.

Brittany is the General Manager and has been with the Council since December 2017. Coming to CTCNS with a background in Health & Human Services, she has spent many years working in Program Development and Management and truly has gained a passion for working within this growing and engaged industry. It truly is great to be a part of the Christmas Tree Community.

Lienna Hoeg, A. Ag

Christmas Tree Specialist
[email protected]

Lienna Hoeg is the Christmas Tree Specialist with Perennia Food & Agriculture Inc., in partnership with the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia. She works with the members of the Research Team to establish, maintain, and collect data on various research sites throughout the province. Lienna provides in-field services for Christmas Tree growers and helps develop resources. Lienna specializes in vegetation management and routinely presents on integrated pest management practices to Christmas tree growers.

Lienna obtained a Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2019. She is now a MSc in Agriculture Candidate, with a focus on Vegetation Management from Dalhousie University. Her project focuses on the development of phenological models and management strategies for narrow leaf golden rod in lowbush blueberry fields. Previous to working with the Christmas Tree Council, Lienna has worked as a Silviculture Assistant and Forest Resource Worker. She has also held numerous positions as a Research Assistant, working with vegetation management, aphid research, and native pollinator research. In 2021, she obtained her Articling Agrologist designation as well as a Certificate in Nutrient Management Planning. Lienna also holds a Pesticide Applicators License and Good Agriculture Collection Practices Certificate.

Andee Weatherby

Christmas TRee & Greenery Climate ADaptation Resource Manager
[email protected]

Andee Weatherby, has recently joined the Christmas Tree Council team, as the Christmas Tree and Greenery Adaptation Manager.

“With this position my main focus will be Climate change. I will be working hard towards implementing projects that will help the Christmas tree industry in the province adapt better against the changing climate cycles.  I have a background in Fish and Wildlife Technology as well as many experiences working within different environmental areas including, Forestry and Aquatics. Prior to this position I worked for the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables in the forest health sector. My main focus was on numerous invasive species such as, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Balsam fir Sawfly, and Spruce Budworm just to name a few.

I was born and raised in Tatamagouche NS, on a small hobby farm. I enjoy spending the majority of time in the great outdoors exploring, travelling, and learning about all aspects the environment has to offer. As climate change is becoming more frequently forecasted throughout the seasons, I look forward to meeting and working with farmers across the province to help preserve the sustainable growing industry of Christmas Trees for future generations.  I am very excited to be a part of CTCNS. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or topics of interest. I’m always willing and happy to discuss the Christmas tree Industry.”

Fraser Macnab

Climate Chage ADaptation Coordinator
[email protected]

Fraser Macnab, recently joined the Christmas Tree Council team, as the Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator. 

“I am originally from the Northeast of England not far from Scotland and moved to Nova Scotia with my family. I have a background in political science, history, and geography from my degree from Mount Allison University and a background in climate change adaptation strategy design and implementation from my degree at Acadia University. Having a deep passion for agriculture and climate change adaptation I knew when this position presented itself I it would be an amazing opportunity to grow my career in this field. I look forward to meeting you all as I continue my journey in this role with CTCNS and always feel free to reach out to me.”

Vanessa Deveau

Field Research Assistant
[email protected]

My name is Vanessa Deveau. I am a MSc in Agricultural Candidate, with a focus on Vegetative Management in wild lowbush blueberry fields at Dalhousie University. My project focuses on the ecology and management strategies of a hemiparasitic plant in blueberry fields. Previously, I have worked as Plant Protection Assistant with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture.

I have also held positions as a Research Assistant, working with the Vegetation Management Research laboratory. The various job opportunities in agriculture have been pivotal at shifting my academic and future career paths.

This summer I will have the opportunity to expand my toolbox (e.g., additional skill sets such as grafting) in another important agricultural sector within Nova Scotia. I am looking forward to working within the Christmas tree industry this summer!

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