Wall of Fame Inductees

The Sanders Family

The Sanders family of new Ross was inducted to the Christmas tree Wall of Fame in September 2005. 

Creighton Sanders, wife Lithia, and Son Dwight are first and foremost recognized as significant Pioneers within the Nova Scotia Christmas tree and wreath industry. They have introduced new technologies, helped develop improved growing practices, and assisted in Market development. The family have always been significant supporters of the Nova Scotia Industry and were cited upon induction for their contribution to the establishment and naming of Lunenburg County as The Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Capital of the World.

Dwight has been a long-standing representative to the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia, served on many committees, and with his family have committed many personal resources to assure the Christmas Tree Community grew in numbers and strength. 

The family acted as a key component to assure the immense success of the first International Christmas Tree conference in 1987. A sincere thank-you to this family.

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