Soil & Foliar Nutrient Recommendations 2019-2021

Soil sampling on Nova Scotia Christmas tree lots is an efficient way to grow knowledge of efficient ways to use resources – including finances, be environmental responsible, avoid problems such as canker, record keeping, and closing to window on growing a tree faster. In a desirable Christmas tree lot, the ideal conditions are drainage, pH […]

Weed Survey in Christmas Tree Lots

The CTCNS Research Team is conducting weed surveys of Christmas tree lots across Nova Scotia. This survey will provide insight on weed dynamics throughout lots and will help focus management strategies specific to growers needs. Enhanced Profitability and Environmental Sustainability of the Nova Scotia Christmas Tree Industry Through Nutrient Management Planning and Comprehensive Soil Mapping […]

Phosphorous Dip Trials

Anectodical evidence suggests that dipping seedlings in a Phosphorous fertilizer solution before planting will give the seedlings a competitive edge during the growing season. Since Phosphorous is associated with root development and growth, we are anticipating that a Phosphorous solution dip prior to planting will result in a favourable outcome (i.e., enhanced root mass, greater […]

Nova Scotia Soil Sampling Service

Last year, the CTCNS Research Team collected and submitted more than 1,000 soil and foliar samples from Nova Scotia Christmas Tree lots through the Soil & Foliar Analysis project in 2021. Due to ongoing interest in soil testing and customized nutrient recommendations, we have decided to offer soil sampling and interpretation support as a service […]