Soil & Foliar Nutrient Recommendations 2019-2021

Soil sampling on Nova Scotia Christmas tree lots is an efficient way to grow knowledge of efficient ways to use resources – including finances, be environmental responsible, avoid problems such as canker, record keeping, and closing to window on growing a tree faster. In a desirable Christmas tree lot, the ideal conditions are drainage, pH & fertility, moisture, and depth levels. Taking in all these factors, the Soil & Foliar Nutrient Management project links these results 

In the past couple years, our Research Team has taken over thousand soil and foliar samples and collected lot management history of grower’s lots in Nova Scotia. Using a sampling procedure and data collection from growers, soil and foliar test reports are analyzed to determine the 4 R’s: Right Place, Right Time, Right Rate, and Right Source of fertilizer application on Christmas trees in Nova Scotia.

For information of results from the 2020 to 2021, view Jay Woodworth’s Lunchbreak presentation on Soil Fertility Goals in video or podcast form.

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