Creating the Nova Scotian Blue Button Campaign

In this episode, we discuss with m5 Marketing Communications and Brittany Frenette, Outreach Manager from CTCNS, how the Blue Button Campaign was created and the importance of the Campaign being entirely made in Nova Scotia!

Nova Scotia Balsam Fir

No matter what variety, size, or colour of Christmas tree you’ve chosen, you’ve brought home a Nova Scotia Famous Balsam Fir! Finding your perfect Christmas tree is a long-lasting tradition here in Nova Scotia!🎄 #realtrees #iloverealtrees #NSchristmastrees #christmastrees #realtreesrealmemories #novascotia #balsamfir #nsbalsamfir

New Entrant Seminar 2021

Are you a New Entrant to the Christmas Tree Industry? Check out this Lunchbreak Session to learn about the basics of Christmas trees and how CTCNS can help you start your business!

Bring Christmas Home – Blue Button Campaign

Nova Scotia is home to the most magical Christmas tree of all: the Nova Scotia Balsam Fir. Even our friends at the North Pole agree—watch this video to find out why! #bluebutton #iloverealtrees #novascotia #christmastrees #realtreesrealmemories #novascotiabalsamfir

Local Balsam Fir Products – Saltbox Brewing Company

We’re taking a divide into one of Nova Scotia Local breweries, Saltbox Brewing Company, and connecting their Balsam Blue beer and the Christmas Tree Industry. This interview with Andrew Tanner teaches us about Saltbox, how the beer is made, and the connection of local products to the industry!

Small Scale Nursery: Collection and Starting Seedlings

In the October Lunchbreak Session, Shaun Scott and Jackie MacDonald, from Scott & Stewart Forestry, help us learn about starting fir seedlings on a small scale. With the demand for fir seedlings high and raising, this session will help new and experienced growers with the short supply and development within their business.

Safe Loading Practices

Lienna Hoeg, Research Technician, teaches us some simple steps to ensure safety with loading Christmas Trees in the busiest of seasons!

Marketing for Christmas Trees

In this Lunchbreak Session, the Resource Assistant from CTCNS, Gillian Blackburn, discusses what is marketing, how it’s used in agriculture, and how Christmas tree producers can start up and monitor their own marketing plan!

Perennia Virtual Field Day – Christmas Trees, SMART Trees, and More CTCNS Research

In the August 2021 Perennia Virtual Field Day, CTCNS and the Christmas tree industry includes a video on the Christmas tree industry, the current research projects, and visuals on the projects themselves. Included in the video, Andrew Schofield, Jay Woodworth, and more team members share the technical aspects and current undergoing’s of the project! If […]